Help diagnosing failed print - "Inconsistency Issues", rough surface, holes

I got a new Form1+ about a week ago. It’s been working fine until I tried to print the attached model. It’s a mixing chamber with thin channels running through the part. When I open the stl in Preform, I get the following error:

“There were issues loading the following models: file_name.stl - Integrity Issues” then it gives me an option to repair or ignore the problem.

As best I can tell, the actual stl is ok and steping through the slices on Preform doesn’t show any problem. However, when I print the part, I get a very rough surface, worse on the side with supports (see photos). I’ve tried both repairing and ignoring the problem, neither works.

From the Formlabs website, people have printed parts with microfluidic channels, so I believe this type of part should be possible to print. Any suggestions?



failed_print.form (667.8 KB)

Check this out first:

Few things in general,
Longest supports should be on the Hinge Side.
Drain and filter your resin between prints
Check for dust on mirrors
Make sure PDMS is clear (no clouding) If there is clouding use the supplied scraper to try to clear it. Usually gentle but firm forward and back will clear the settled pigments from the resin.
Don’t continually print in the same spot.
Scroll through your model layers and make sure there are No parts of the model starting in limbo and that there are No hollows in solid walls that may trap raw resin since they can cause blowouts.
Lastly make sure the build platform does not have any play in it (small screw on top you can turn 1/8 rotation at a time to snug it so the clamp noticeably clamps down).
Do check the Resin Tank for play but I am not sure on how to adjust or tighten that if it is loose, I would ask someone at Formlabs on that.

I had a tough first few prints until I read the advice here and figured it out, Can be frustrating if you just don’t know the causes. It does get easier.

Thanks. I just tried to print one of the parts that worked earlier this week and that failed too. Looks like the problem is something related to maintaining the machine between prints. I’ll order the strainer, pec-pads, etc. that the guide recommends and give it a shot.


Yes, I would also consider opening a support ticket with our team, who can help you examine your mirrors, and see if anything else might be amiss.

Looking at the part I had a similar part when my resin had small lumps in it from a failed print and poor mixing. The random sloppy surface went away as soon as I scraped out the tank and made sure the resin was mixed and clean.

Definitely check the mirrors because if the light is refracting off of dust it could cause the resin to cure in accurately or cause dead spots as the model is being printed.

When I received my printer there was some good size pieces of dust that looked like it was from packaging and shipping. I used my small airbrush compressor to clean them off. Have to get one of the rockets they use for camera lenses.