Formlabs 3L Print Stop

I received an error message pr_error-dbus_call_general while printing I filtered out the resin and went to restart the print and i received a message that it failed to initialize print (Brand new tank)., i ended up swapping out the tank and it started up perfectly. A couple of hours into the print a message pops up stating that the back resin cartridge was empty and to add another cartridge i swapped it and it went back to displaying the build percent circle. the timer kept counting down on the display but the print layer stayed the same. after examining the 2 incomplete prints it seems that both builds stopped in the exact same place.

What should i do ?

Sounds like your model might be the problem if it stopped in the same exact place.

i just want to clarify, do you mean the solidworks file is corrupted or too “complex”.

Should not be to complex but your stl file might have errors or for that matter your file sent out from preform. I have had slice errors before where it didn’t get sent out correctly from preform. It actually ended up being a bad model all together.

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