Heavily skewed print. High scaling required

Hello there.
I have an Form1+ and I am trying to calibrate it. My test print is 6 1cm cubes.
The results is that all dimensions are ok in the x axis but the cubes are only 0.72cm wide and not at the edge of the build platform. It seams that the y motor is not moving wide enough.
In PreForm I only can scale up to 4%. To get the correct cube I would need to scale up to 40%.

Is this problem known?

Thanks in advance

If your prints are off this much you’ll want to check and correct the software used to generate the STL files first.

It’s extremely likely that the files going into the machine are at fault here. I’ve never had a need to move the machine settings more that 1% and I normally just leave it alone. Accuracy along with repeatability on my machine seem to add up to between .05 and .075mm plus or minus.

The models are ok.
In PreForm it looks like it is supposed to. I think my y-galvo is not moving enough. I will try to get a replacement for it. However it seams that one can only get replacements for the form1.


Hey there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post here. I’m so sorry to hear about the warping issues you’ve been running into recently! I know how frustrating that can be.

If the scale issues you’re seeing are as severe as the 40% you mention, then our options for troubleshooting are unfortunately pretty limited at this point because we’re not longer able to perform full repairs on Form 1+ units.

One option would be to try to account for the scale problems in PreForm before sending the file to the printer. If the warping is consistent enough in 1 axis you could adjust the scale of specifically that axis.

I realize this isn’t an ideal solution to the issue you’re running into so again, I want to apologize for the trouble.

If you’d like us to dig a little deeper into the issue on our end, we’d be more than happy to do so. Just submit a ticket at the link below and a member of our support team will get back to you in a couple hours.


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