Form 1+ Skewed Prints Square coming out rectangular

Ok I need a little help. I recently sold a form 1+ that was in great working condition but when the buyer received it he is telling me the prints are skewed. He shot a video of a 50mm cube that is sitting flat on the build plate and when you watch the laser it always comes out rectangular. I would say it is coming out 50mm x 30mm. What could be causing this problem? I already had him unplug and re-plug in the galvo wires thinking that something popped out during shipping. But at this point i’m at a loss.

Sounds like the galvos got shaken a bit during transport. There’s a couple guys here from back in '14 or so that really took a deep dive into playing around with tweaking the galvos. Send him that way. Was the device insured? Maybe he can go that route.
Buyer Beware when buying used fragile equipment…

It was fully insured and packed very well. But I have no idea if ups will cover electronics failing.

Have them get in touch with our support team so that we can help out with troubleshooting. Slight deviations are expected when printing flat on the build platform but it sounds like this is off by a bit more than we’d expect.

I believe he already reached out to support and is waiting for a response.

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