Print looks Parallelogram. Should be Rectangle

Got my Form1+ shipped in. 1st print looks parallelogram picture left black is wrong. Picture on Right Blue is correct. I’ve also include pictures of orientation of print. Is my level off? Not sure what is wrong with the printer.

Hi Jim,

the Formlabs black resin is a nightmare. The laser seems to be to weak to harden the material properly so it is like an soft material and will give us headaches. We switched from black to grey and this material seems to work perfectly.
Maybe you give it a try and start using the grey resin :wink:


make sure your plate is well tight, there is a screw to ajust this. if the plate moves during the print prints will be out of square. are u using a formlabs official vat?

Yes, plate is tight, no play, and yes formlab official vat and I tried placing the model at different place, looks like the it skews consistently on one axis. I believe the printer pivot on one axis to separate each layer up and down. Could that be way off?

I am assuming that the black resin is harder for the laser to harden which I agree, but that will result in poor quality of print and not skewed good quality print.

Does it skew with any other resin?
Have you tried some other file like a simple cube?

You need to print a couple of cubes in the plate all paralell to the printer faces to see if there is a issue with the galvos alignment

i have recently got a Form1+ and i’m prinitng with a black old resin circa 2014 with a modified Peopoly Vat and getting good results. So i don’t think the resin is the fault.

I will give it a try tonight with cube, sphere if it is possible, the quality of the print is okay, not excellent, but doable. It just skewed. Have done some reading in FormLab support. Looks like the problem fits
“Dimensional Inaccuracies”, last bullet point
If your prints consistently come out skewed (i.e. mismatches in x and y dimensions, or orthogonally), your printer may require calibration. You can use the scaling feature or submit a support ticket for help.

I believe I need to tweek the X/Y scaling or get FormLab to recalibrate it

I agree, the print quality looks ok, and it stick to the platform. Just the object is skewed. orthogonal became non orthogonal

that or the z stepper driver is set at the wrong multiplyer

Here are the findings after printing a sphere model of 60mm diameter.
There are 2 major issues here.

  1. The Y Off center print of over 25mm beyond the platform, software tuning only allows for -8mm to 0.11mm.
  2. The Y Scaling is off by over 15%, software tuning only allows for +/- 4%
    Let me know if the findings is correct.

Have you contacted Formlabs support ? This is far beyond what you should have to correct yourself, there’s probably an issue with your printer.

Thx, I will give it a try

Just chat with Formlabs, they will not calibrate Form1+ even when offered money.


See if this helps:

Are u using some special Vat or is it a form1+ standard vat?

What’s the story of your Form1+?

THe y-axis galvo stepping is off by a lot. More than the software fine tune can adjust for.

Then it must be electrical, there should be a tune resistor on the Y-axis driver

The result is the reverse of the picture, Y axis travel too short as far as stepping. I’ve researched this with other posting, seems like there is a difference in FOrm1 and Form1+. There is no dial of anything on Form1+ according to reading some site, but on the other hand, for FOrm1, there is. I believe it requires FormLabs expertise for Form1+ to further tune this.

Are you sure the galvos are not plugged on the wrong driver?
Try swapping the galvos plugs