Form1 sent in, Form1+-"ish" received back

I want to give a thanks to FormLabs for the way they handled my recent issue.  I was having HUGE issues on the Y axis scaling (printing 2-3x proper size) and knew I had a bad galvo.  I was going to be out of town for 3 weeks, so I sent the printer in at my cost and also submitted a ticket on the printer.  I received a reply from support about 2 days later with a return label (which I explained I could not use as my printer was already on the way back).  While my printer was at FormLabs, they released the From1+.  I was told that my printer would be repaired using From1+ parts, or I would receive a refurbished printer with 1+ parts.  That is in face what happened.  I received my “new to me” refurbished printer 2 days ago.  It looks identical to the Form1 (it is a Form1 chassis in silver), but identifies itself in PreForm as a Form1+.  I know the galvos and laser are upgraded, it also came with a new original-style clear Form1 resin tray (not the 1+ design).  I don’t know if the Z stage upgrades have been done.

I have printed a few parts on it.  It is MUCH faster than my previous printer (confirming 1+ laser) and it is able to print on the right side of the tray (which I was never successful at with my old printer).  I am happy at the moment.  I can only hope that the results remain after using it for a while…  in any case, at this point in time, I am very happy with the repair/return process, and wish the best for anyone else in a similar situation.


Thank you Mike! Glad everything has improved. Our support team is working very hard to provide solutions to anyone having issues.

Best of luck printing! Post photos!