Refurbished form1(+) printers

Hey all,

actually I will send my printer back to formlabs for the third time. Originally I bought a form1 before the newer form1+ came out. The first time my printer was sent in for repair ( I was paying for repair possibly due to upgraded components) it got upgraded parts so its more a form1+ than a form1 anymore. I only know that an original form1 has a different mainboard with different galvo power connectors. If someone of you know the other differences it would be interesting to hear.
That is not the main question though. I asked for a replacement this time and not for a repair because the last time I got my unit back ( repaired ) and my small mirror was as dirty as before with the typical purple oily leftovers due to the air pressure cleaning. Anyway I got it back “fully tested and inspected and calibrated bla bla bla”. So this time I asked for a replacement and they do not replace my refurbished form1+ with a factory new form1+. So happend to you guys who have sent in their not refurbished form1+? Did you get a new repalcement unit or a refurbished form1+ that was a form1+ already before?

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I purchased a Form1+ and it’s been back twice. Each time they attempted to repair and I received the same printer back. Not a replacement or refurbished unit.

I’m on my fifth, 3 originals and 2 pluses and only the first was new. I’ve never received the same one back.
Formlabs said they receive the same testing as a new one… I dont really care if they’re refurbished I just wish I would get one that worked! My latest wont print at .05 resolution among other issues…

interesting thanks! you are right @VinceErb all I want is a working printer no matter how but I hear so often that people are at its thrid or fifth printer like you. So it cannot be true that our problems are rare! formlabs never told me how long the warranty extends after the refurbishment. Do you know about that’?

I never asked, but theyve never gave me a hard time about replacements so far but I’m still pretty bummed out about still not having a good printer yet after all this time and wasted resin and tanks and time…

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