I Bought "Reconditioned Form 1+" and nothing working

From initial time my printer has not working at all, did contact via email and we try all configs and not working.

The real problem its i purchased a “Reconditioned Form 1+” and in the listing details they say it has

  • One-year warranty

Now they say theres it any warranty, people i m very worry about because i pay my money, need help please :frowning:

To the best of my knowledge, Refurb printers that were out of warranty at the time of repair have a 3 month warranty. If you purchased a refurb from Formlabs I believe they come with a year warranty.

Did you purchase the printer from FL or a 3rd party? Assuming it was a 3rd party, when was it repaired? FL should be able to look that up by serial name. Did they sell the printer as a functioning unit?

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I bough directly from Formlabs official site

This was the screenshot i save before the purchase, hopefully i saved it :slight_smile:

Now support says there its NO WARRANTY !

Need all the community support because i stay saving money for nearly 1 year working very hard for to get my printer and now looks whats happening, its very sad for me :frowning:

Can you elaborate on the problems you are having? I find it hard to believe FL wouldn’t honor a warranty. In fact, my experience is the exact opposite. They have been great. I may get frustrated at times but they do everything within reason to assist in getting me up and printing when I am having a problem.

When was the printer purchased?
What is actually wrong with the printer? What was tried during the troubleshooting process?
Can you post screen shots and pics of the prints. Maybe the community can give some insight into the problems you are having.

Reconditioned Form 1+s do come with a one year warranty and we absolutely honor that. Can you let me know who you’ve been in touch with from our support team? We’re having a bit of trouble finding you in our system. If you could DM me with the email you used to open a ticket and the name of the person you’ve been in touch with, that’d be a big help and we’ll make sure to get everything sorted out.

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Our email its rjuan366@gmail.com and the guy who support us its named “Dan”

We are very very frustrated and angry about this situation!

Thanks for sending that over! I’ve forwarded this to our support team and we’ll make sure everything gets sorted out. Rest assured, your warranty will be honored. I can imagine your frustration in saving up and having trouble getting your printer to function so we’ll make sure to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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