Form 1 warranty

Hi, Im just wondering why this expensive printer just offer 90 days of warranty? why not a year like Makerbot or other brands, 3 months make me a little bit nervous to buy it, its something wrong on this printer??



I’m surprised this thread wasn’t answered. Now that I am a Form 1 owner I am concerned since I am now experiencing a major issue with my printer. I put in a support ticket on Friday and still waiting for an answer. I’m worried now that I know the warranty only lasts 90 days and I’ve have yet to really do much with the printer other than trying to get my first model to print correctly and I’ve already gone through one full bottle of resin.

So what happens after the 90 days is up and the warranty period is over? Considering the $3k+ price tag I would think some extended warranty option should be available since I have babied my form 1 since I got it and I don’t see how I haven’t even made it through half a bottle before I started having issues with it. It seems like 90 days isn’t long enough since this is the first version of the printer and is more than likely to have hardware bugs that need to be ironed out.

There are a lot of weak chains in this link sadly

i bought new tanks and resin and using new software and now everything is a disaster… I feel we are part of their QA dept now

Hopefully one day FL will rethink the 90 day warranty and extend it to a minimum of a year.  But I believe they need to figure out a way to extend the life of the printers they are releasing or they will end up out of business replacing defective units.

I have designated myself as a Formlabs beta tester.  I feel there is no QA department.


I guess I will open a ticket next week but I fear I am well past any 90 day since I got my printer last fall…  but if they make new firmware and software and let us buy different resin (white) and any of that leads to breaking things they should honor replacements.  At this point I may have to ask for a replaced printer and refund on the 2 of 3 tanks I feel are ruined now and also one wasted bottle of white & clear resin trying foolishly to print anything

Hello everyone,

Apologies that we did not spot this thread sooner, there is lots of activity in the forums!

Yes the Form 1 currently comes with a 90 day warranty, but as the Form 1 is a new product we make every effort to support our customers should something fail in an unreasonable amount of time. We pride ourselves on our customer support and aim to go above and beyond when either a replacement or repair is required.

If you are experiencing trouble with your printer or an accessory received, please open a ticket with us at and we will address your problem as quickly as possible.

We stand behind our product and will do everything we can to ensure our supporters stay up and printing.


Also, all feedback is greatly appreciated. We listen to everything that passes through our support system to help us improve our processes and printer!

Yup, my printer can destroy PDMS layers and create deformed goop, but that’s about it. Ticket now ongoing.

Mine should be at their return facility tomorrow… hope they figure out what the rash of issues people are having.  Do the lasers have a quick end of life?  Did old printers not sit well with the new firmware?  Are the new trays different than the old ones?

Firmware update messed up my first printer and I’m waiting on a shipping label to return this one because of week laser no longer curing resin.

It’s definitely scary wondering if a Form 1 is capable of lasting more than a few weeks considering the majority of owners aren’t on this forum.

I can only hope they’re not because they’re not experiencing any problems.