What's the lifetime of the Form 1?

Has anyone found anywhere some information about the possible lifetime of the Form 1 printer?

As I understand, the form one works with a laser diode, and those do have a limited life time.

If they burn out, can they be replaced?

What is the expected life time of the Form 1 as a whole, or of the wearable parts (the laser diode) individually?

Will the Form 1 need recalibration some time down the road, if the printer is used almost 24/7 ?

Thank you in advance for your reply

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Etienne Renaud



I would say the lifetime is 90 days. After that you are on your own. JK

But I’m hoping form labs will offer some kind of extended warranty or repair option after the 90 day warranty is up.

Hi Monger Designs,

I guess you’re referring to the warranty, right?

that wouldn’t be the same as a products actual lifetime.

Anyways, I am surprised to hear that the product has only a warranty of 90 days - where do you have this information from?



I know it’s not the same thing, Etienne. That’s where the JK comes in.

Here https://support.formlabs.com/entries/23788541-Does-the-printer-have-a-warranty-

Hey Monger Designs,

since you’re pointing out specifically the “JK” now, I assume this is “just kidding”

I am not a native english speaker, so it wasn’t obvious to me :slight_smile:

I am sure that if things break, formlabs will be there to help and repair.

If not - through my business I am affiliated with Vitro (http://www.vitro.de), they research&develop and build 3D Laser Systems for subsurface laser engraving in glass/crystal. The laser heads are diode pumped solid state laser systems and it would be easy for them to fix a Form 1 :slight_smile:

The active crystal in their laser heads are pumped not with a single diode, but with an array of diodes. Their diode module is good for Anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 hours of operation, then it needs to be replaced.

I am curious what would be the lifetime of the laser diode that’s in the Form 1. It’s a 405nm, 120mW violet laser diode.

Anyone has had some experience with decalibrated Form 1’s ?


I know i’m bumping an old topic, but I am interested in the lifetime of a Form1+ printer as well… Perhaps after a year some of you know a lot more about this than you did last year november.


I am also searching for this information. Anyone at Formlabs would care to provide an answer?

What is the expected lifetime in working hours for the Form1+? I need this information to do a proper cost calculation for my clients.