Form 2 LIfespan

Anyone have an idea of how long a Form 2 typically lasts?

I understand this is a very multifaceted question but I’m curious to know anyone who has a rough idea of how many hours of life to expect from the laser or how many liters can be run through the machine before maint or repairs are required.

I use mine a good amount…or at least I think I do. My prints are generally smaller but I run almost primarily in the highest definition and have yet to run into any problems.

I’m guessing I have a round 400 hrs of run time racked up already.
Would be great to know if there is an hour tally some place as well.


I have no where near that time, maybe 4 liters through it. Made about 300 bucks so far from the machine. Haven’t done anything but clean it, make sure no dust is on it at all

Same, I just keep mine covered and powered down when by in use. Extremely careful when installing/removing vats and platforms. Also don’t leave the unit without a vat installed for more that a minute or two.
Have put a small amount of Super Lube on the Z axis here and there but other than that I haven’t done anything.

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what type of lube and when to do that? At least that is not problem? after 2 liters ? 5? 10 ?

Honestly I’m not even sure if its recommended, I’ve just been around 3D printers enough to see moving parts and want to keep them lubed.

I’m careful not to over-grease and I always wipe away the old before applying the new as well as taking care to not get grease where it shouldn’t be.

I’ve always been a fan of using this synthetic PTFE Lube:

As I’m still not sure if this is even recommended - If Formlabs could weigh in on this that would be great, not trying to mislead anyone…

That aside, I’ve lightly lube twice in roughly 350-400hrs of run time. Usually taking note and cleaning/applying when the lube gets dark.
Personally I would see running time as a better indicator of when to do this vs how many liters have run through the machine.


I had exactly the same question, curious to hear other’s experience.

I have had my Form 2 for only 2 weeks but I’ve run it probably 20 hours a day… and I am already nervous about how long the wear is likely to be on all these moving parts.

So far PERFECT performance. Amazing for such a complicated machine.

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I have a form 2 for little over a year now. Running it for about 30 hours a week. So that’s 1600 hours? Only had to grease the spindle so far.

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If you have been connected to Dashboard you can download the CSV file and sum up Column G “Elapsed Print Time” and convert to hours (in ms by default). Mine is at 1500 hours and as far as I can tell is going strong. I haven’t done any maintenance other than changing out resin tanks and filtering resin.

This file also allows you to calculate total volume of resin used (estimated) and number of layers of printed.

So to answer your question, I have no idea, but be sure to keep an eye out as people keep using them.

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I have 166 prints completed with a total running time of 1369.82 hours. Other than wiping down my glass once with pec pads because of a drop of resin, I have not had to do any sort of maintenance to it.


Awesome, thanks - Had no idea that functions was available. I pulled the data (had to convert from milliseconds to hrs) and came up with 343hrs.
I know the last three prints (pretty long ones) Dash board wasn’t connected so in total the machine has pretty close to 400 hrs.

Kevin - Thats fantastic. Incredible amount of run time: )

Ohhh, stats, fun!!

1473.9 hours
253321 layers
12.95 liters



I also have this curiosity of durability I already used 4 liters I think the leiser and of great durability I think the most delectable would be the step-by-step mechanics engines.

Not sure I quite understand what you are asking.

Where do you get the CSV file? I can’t seem to find it.

Select printer - then Prints - ‘Export Data’ middle top

Hopefully the screenshot worked

Thanks, I was looking under Printers.

If I am correct I am close to 83 days…

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Not sure if you are running a formula to convert. All I did was add all the values in the ms column and did a conversion from ms to hrs.

I’m at 626 hours for one printer and 225 for the other.

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i double checked ,7165926555ms=82,93896475694days