New Topic: Form 1+ Turnaround

Continuing the discussion from Did anyone else receive a Form1+ with a dead laser?:

I’m opening up a new thread, here @Wouter_Verhoeven, so I can close the old one!

@Wouter_Verhoeven, I’m glad we were able to get this resolved in a support ticket, and sorry again for the trouble with the detached mirror.

For others who may be curious about this thread/topic, this was an unusual circumstance where one of the printer’s mirrors became detached during shipping and was not properly directing the laser to the tank. The laser itself is a-okay, and of course, you can rest assured that every printer is carefully calibrated and tested before shipping.

Just being curious…

Did the printer owner have to ship his Form1+ back or was he able to resolve it himself with support engineer’s assistance?

(No hidden agendas, i’m waiting for my own and am trying to get the “feel” for how user-servicable shipping “damage” is handled. Call me paranoid, but i’m already half-prepared to experience a similar scenario.)