I 'm looking for Form1+ Laser

Hi, I have a Form1 + . I think my laser pointer should be changed . There is someone selling this piece ?
Thank you

Ciao @Giuseppe_Sapio! We can help you with laser issues. Just submit a ticket to our customer care team. They look forward to hearing from you. Cordiali saluti

Hi, I have already opened a ticket for this problem. But the Formlabs support asks me € 750 more original packaging, plus shipping. I would like to buy ONLY the laser module, the problem is, there is no need for further analysis or exchange for other pieces. Thank you.

Hi @Giuseppe_Sapio, we understand. Thanks for clarifying! We are sorry, but unfortunately, we are unable to meet that request. As our customer care agent suggested, we feel the best way we can solve the issue is with an in-house laser exchange at the stated price. Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day!

Hi, I apologize, but I do not understand at all. I’m asking for a piece of printer that you have designed, built and sold. Because then you have sent me some time ago the only motor peel? Because now the no laser? I disassembled the printer, laser, galvanometer, I reassembled all and if You take a look the picture, I was able to recalibrate without special tools, by hand! If the new laser the problem persists, then I decide whether to send the printer for assistance and will pay what you ask me. Otherwise, I do not understand this your reluctance to sell me a single component of your printer, as with my first problem.
Best regards.

Hi @Giuseppe_Sapio. We are sorry for the confusion. Sure, we understand that you are like: “Hey, they built the printer. They have the laser. They just have to sell it to me.” Unfortunately, we are not set up to sell all components of the Form 1+. Only the peel motor and the large mirror are available for sale. You already proved that you are an expert! And it seems that you would be able to exchange the part yourself. Nevertheless, as much as we would love to simply send you a new laser, we can’t, because we don’t have it available for sale. If you get back to the ticket our agent will help you to set up the return of the printer. Best regards!

Unfortunately, Formlabs is correct. Though it is a very easy part to replace, you can not calibrate the machine to the laser. It really does matter that it is calibrated.
It is the same with the galvo’s. They are really easy to replace and get positioned in just about the right spot. But since they are calibrated with software and the settings are written into the machine, only Formlabs can do it.

Your best bet is to let FL take care of you. I am sure they will do what they can to get you back up and running.

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