Want to Buy: Working Form 1+ Laser

Does anyone have a broken Form 1+ printer with a working laser?

I purchased the replacement laser off AliExpress but it was a piece of junk. I also tried changing the diode on the board but sadly that didn’t work out.

can you share a breakdown link on how to remove/replace it. taking the case off is easy, from what I remember but I cant remember the steps to take out a laser, I may know someone who has a retired form 1 with a laser…altho it hasnt been used in years and wasnt well kept, but a link or simple instructions to tear it out and I can see if they are willing to help out. But cant promise anything as the machine was left under not so great storage but the laser was working… I don’t even think they would charge you… Seeing as how it’s not a lot of work or being used.

Thanks for the offer! I PM’d you about this.

I might be interested in the motherboard from the form 1+