Form 1+ Laser Replacement/Repair Fix

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To continue on others misfortunes and see if I can solve the issue of replacement lasers

I am looking into keeping my Form 1+ alive. I have just experienced some issues with the laser. After giving the machine a full clean 2x, changing the tanks 2x. I came to the conclusion that either there is dust inside the laser module or the laser diode has decided to breakdown. (poor quality output/flairing)

I tried to take it apart to clean when I pulled a little too hard on the cables inside, breaking the diode wires. I managed to get through the epoxy using a sharp knife (X-ACTO & fresh blade) and a 1mm drill bit with electric hand-drill.

With the help of others, I am looking to replace the broken diode which is 3.8mm diameter. (TO38)

There are several glass elements, tight fixtures and glues all over, plus the need to solder.

1. I am going to try to replace the diode, wire it all back and hopefully not mess up the optics.

2. I will also try to buy the whole laser module and see if this is an easy but expensive fix.

If anyone has managed or failed at the 2 solutions I am about to try, I would love to hear your experiences.

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