Form 1 laser repair

Not sure if Formlabs will let this live but I have successfully replaced the laser diode in a Form 1, and have another on the bench so to speak.

Both had the assembly sealed with epoxy, tried cutting out the epoxy first but was in danger of damaging the circuit board, so using a ball end Dremel tool slowly cut the last cm or so of the aluminium tube so the inner board assembly could be removed.
Then some micro surgery to remove the wiring/diode from the board. After some web research took an educated guess on a diode and more micro surgery putting it back together.
Set the focus to 28cm by trial and error adjustment and after reassembly the printer is working far better than when I bought it second hand.
The original laser always had a halo around the main spot, which I now believe was the cause of seemingly random print problems.

I have another Form 1 kickstarter version broken down, the laser was failing on this one, or possibly a small glass after the lens which may have been heat damaged, the laser spot was showing rabbit ear artefacts like the Form1+ issues.


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