Laser diode Replacement form2

Hi guys, i doing research quiet a long time now, long story short my laser diode in form2 giving up and not really producing reasonable test print when i printing the OpticsTest.form (loosing focus)

After contacted formlab they told me this isn’t something that user can replace and i have to send the printer in for service. fees are 900euro +tax and wait couple of weeks.

This is kind of unreasonable for a $20 diode. specially when there is a high chance that they will replace my broken diode after i paid them more then 1000euro with a use one, as mentioning in there policy.

"Formlabs may use new, used, or reconditioned parts of equivalent or superior specifications in the repair of your machine. In some cases, and at its sole discretion, Formlabs may opt to replace a product with a new or refurbished product of equivalent or superior specifications. "

so i had some time and take the module out for a closer look. it turned out that the optics are fixed and the diode itself with PCB are covered with epoxy. i guess formlab dont really want the user to replace that $20 diode after all :slight_smile:

anyway i have successfully extracted the diode and PCB with some minor damage that not compromising work.
(machine still works the same way before diode extraction.)

now i get to the point that i need some help to identify the diode itself.
so far i know for sure the following:

Wavelength: 405nm
Output Power: 250mW
Mode: CW
Housing: 3.8mm
Integrated Photo Diode: NO (only form1 has PD in diode, as you can see it on pictures 2 legs connected only for form2)
Module number: LR|SC|03|16120175
PCB number: 003-0039-00-A

Would be nice to have more information regarding the diode itself.
like model number or Operating Current, LD Reverse Voltage, Allowable Reverse Current etc…
anything would be helpful.

Also yes i have aware that individually each laser diode is checked by formlab and calibrated to the machine. setting up focus and calibration is another day/post. Right now im on the diode identification part :slight_smile:

enjoy the pictures


noone ?

You’re probably the first one to dig in this deep in a Form 2 laser. Are there no markings at all on the diode?

Here is an article I found that might shed some light, although there’s not much in terms the laser:

nice to know that even formlab dont care about there shitty policy. this printer is luck of support. i reserve the right to fix anything this expansive. i will not gonna buy the form3 for sure, go with other brand that have much visible to service and less money hungry for replacements.

congrats you just loose an costumer/engineer.

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I can see both sides of the argument here. BUT, there are many parts on the Form2 that are custom parts (Propriety parts)- including the galvanometers. Those appear to have been designed and manufactured specifically by Formlabs, if you were in their position would you want to reduce recovery of the development costs by providing propriety information to someone outside the company?

They do offer an option to get the part repaired (albeit a relatively high cost option) The potential cost of such parts should a repair be needed, should be a factor considered when the machine is first purchased.

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your reasoning on spot, but there is no way to tell me it is understandable that after i pay 900euro + tax i end up with a used parts witch can brake down in couple of month and repeat the same process and pay the fee again to just keep the printer alive.

this is ridicules, even if they say that will surly replace the broken used parts with a brand new, those parts are mostly not there design and cost only a fraction of what they asking for service.

that diode cost $10-15 with that cheap aluminum module i could imaging close to $30 total top.

so they replacing and “Calibrating” that $30 module with a used one for 900euro+tax

I think you’re coming into this discussion from the perspective of someone who uses their printer for business, and can recoup the cost of these repairs, and that’s fine.

But some of us here, have spent their hard earned money to buy a Form printer for personal use. We don’t make money with it (or at least not on a regular basis), so the cost of the repairs is exhorbitant. At 900 euros ( or $800 in the US), that is simply not something you can nonchalantly dismiss as the cost of doing business.

The repair price (considering the original cost of the machine), is way disproportionate roughly 25% of the total cost of the machine.

Imagine if you bought an average $20,000 family car, and once the warranty was over, you had to pay $5000 for each and every repair, even if the actual cost of the parts was $500, simply because the manufacturer refused to sell the parts, and forced you to have the repairs done at the dealership.

This is what we’re talking about here.


dont forget the part they will fix your car up with used parts

It’s not that they use used or refurbished parts. My issue (a many others have also complained about this, is that you almost never get your original printer back. You get a 'refurbished" replacement.

You send your printer in to get a replacement laser, and you get a totally different one, that may have who knows what quirks. We could do the car analogy here too, but you can see how that can be very annoying.

Is the €900 quoted for replacing the laser or refurbishing and supplying a printer back to day one condition (not necessarily your own printer? This is sometimes called a “Service exchange” or “reconditioning” which is a policy often undertaken on parts in the the motor industry.

I’m sorry, what ???

When is the last time you took your car in for repairs and got a different one in exchange, and the service counter manager said " Sir, for the sake of expediency, we just replaced your car with one just like it, you’ll never know the difference" !!!


restoring to day one could cause more harm then good, since they using used parts.

if they would be like, ok send it in and we will refurbish with NEW parts/give warranty for a year
i would think about 900euro +tax, but for used parts and 1 month of warranty, no thanks.

this is same bull@ith as when i unscrewed the tray adjustment screws.
i contacted them and they told me that i have to send in the printer for professional calibration. service fee same 900euro +tax.

after that i have purchased a 1 mm dial gauge with a .001mm accuracy and calibrated 100%
dial gauge itself was around $80 and the stand for it $15 (also waited for shipping around 5 days instead of sending it to formlab and wait over 3 weeks)


Last time for me with exchange parts was with a broken hedge cutter. Not only did the part that needed fixing get replaced but everything was replaced and the old one taken away by the same people who delivered the replacement and the warranty was one year.

With a car, gear boxes, engines, steering racks are often refurbished unit and its a “service exchange” They provide you with a guaranteed replacement UNIT and take away the old unit for refurbishment at their convenience

I totally agree if the unit is a refurbished replacement it should have a reasonable guarantee period - 1 month is not…

my bad not 30, it is actually 90days.

30 days for return
anyway im not necessarily want to spend 1000euro every quarter year either

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