Formlabs disappointment

I have an F2 already for two years and my leser is already dead formlabs no longer wants to do the exchange of the leiser I have a printer that is no longer for anything, as a company does not provide more technical support on their machines and does not replace pieces this and formlabs madness never again.

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It should be possible to change the laser diode, I have done this on Form 1’s and I doubt the Form 2 laser is that different.

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I’ve been told by FL that on the Form2, the laser isn’t a user replaceable part.

They say the same of the Form 1, yet I have replaced it on two of them

I’m talking component level replacement here, just the laser diode.

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Can you tell me where I can buy the diode and how you opened the cylinder where the laiser is?

Yes they do not provide the laser for users, but now Formlabs does not even want to supply to the network hated in Brazil, Fromlabs wants me to send the printer to them there is sendable.