Laser replacment

My Form 1+ laser burnt out, so I’m trying to replace it, has anyone disassembled it completely? down to the PCB and diode? I think I could replace it myself if I could just get into the thing… Has anyone gotten into it? How did you do it?

Best to contact support. They have replacement parts and manuals for these repairs

I did, a while back. Once they ran through the normal “clean the galvos” and “run these test prints” they said they no longer support the Form 1+ and couldn’t help. Now it’s just a very expensive brick and I figured I can’t break it any worse.

I did find a hole in the back of the laser which was pumped full of thermoset glue, so I’m chipping that out at the moment. Hopefully the rest of the laser can be removed from there.

I’ve been going back and forth with FormLabs about providing spare parts, specifically the Laser, and they simply refuse to do it. Now they’ll just tell you they no longer have any spare parts other than a few mirrors nd the peel motor.

Do a search for laser replacement here on the forums. I posted some information on the laser a while back.

I saw your post and that was what gave me the inspiration to try it haha. But I couldn’t figure out how to get the diode out, did you need to cut open the casing? There’s no screw for the housing…

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