Anyone can help me out with small prints? my form1+ needs repair!

My form1+ will probably sent in for repair and I have a customer who already paid and wating for his parts! we are talking about 4 or 5 prints each like 2 hours! White resin!

I am in big trouble here and need some help. Anyone? :slight_smile:


Hi I would be happy to help.
Feel free to email me

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I was told yesterday that the Form 1+ will only be repaired up until sometime in March. They are ending support for it. When the tanks run out, that will be it! Mine had a tank crack and resin went everywhere. I disassembled it and cleaned it the best I could. The resin got on and under the circuit boards. Got it back together and the laser does not shine and the galvos don’t move and the peel mechanism/motor is stuck.

So send it in soon if you want it fixed.

I can’t send it in! they want 750 euro plus taxes plus shipping to repair! To say its crazy is an understatement! I am on my 6th printer which was replaced in the warranty and the laser has always been a problem! the laser dies slowly so if you have small moveable parts to make they have different shrinkage in time and will differ in size so I had to scale my models over and over again. And after all the nightmare problems I cant’ even count I now should pay again so muich money for the same upcoming problems? No way! I would have paid 200 or 300 Euro but 1000 ???
The lasers die over time and I am not going to repair my machine every two years for this money! Its ridiculous! I am not going with formlabs products in the future anymore - I have to find a different solution! I repeat ~1000 euro for the repalcement of the laser !!! They say they will replace everything which needs repair but I did not even ask for it! If anyone know how to calibrate the laser himself please contact me!

Ask them to do better on the price. Explain the problems you have had and they might come down on the price some. Worst they can do is say no.

The Form 1 was a piece of crap. It rarely worked and I had to send it back a couple of times.

The Form 1 + was a major improvement over the 1. It still needs regular mirror cleanings to keep it working. I have made a lot of parts on mine but the thinks I print do not need the fine detail of the things you are doing. The cracked tank and the resin mess is one of the only major problem it had.

I have two of the Form 2’s. (knock on wood) They have been really dependable! I have probably over 1000 hours run time on them. So far, they have been great.

If you know the problem is the laser, I think you can buy them other places. You can replace it yourself. You might have to do some wiring to get the correct connector but there is only one screw that holds it in. It’s not like you are going to void the warranty!

Good Luck!

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