I got my FORM 1 few days ago,but it could not work

I got my FORM 1  few days ago.I have started the first print with a happy feeling,but the reality almost make me crazy—it does’t work!Resin do not solidify.I think it maybe have some problems with laser,so I get  the Laser Spot Test.But what makes me surprised is that there is nothing in the paper.

Then I use the normal print mode,it get the laser photo like those:

I’m a Chinese user,the express transport took me more than 1 months  to get it.But this situation makes me feel very dispirited.I really want to know how to solve this problem.

I had sent 2 mails about my problem,but without respond.So I writes this post.I am looking forward to your reply

I’m just guessing on this one Xiong but it looks like something is way off alinement an effect as if the laser is striking the edge of a mirror?

Yes, I guess so.And I want to know if I can fix it myself

You know,I’m a Chinese,if i send the machine to USA,it may cost a lot of time and money.So I want to make sure if I can repair it myself,or send the laser components  to formlab factory to repair—it may cost much cheaper than send the hole  machine.

Check out some of Kevin Holmes posts including this one and the links however any tampering will invalidate your Form1’s warranty.