My printer does not print

Hello, how are you? My printer does not print anything else … it started suddenly and I think it can not be the weak laser. It forms only a thin layer on the printing platform and the tank makes a resin smudge that ruins the silicone.
Does anyone know what to do?

I am great. How are you :slight_smile: You will have to give the community a bit more to go on than this.

Which printer do you have 1 or 1+?
Which resin are you using?
What troubleshooting steps have you taken, if any?
Have you tried cleaning the mirrors?
Have you tried a different resin tank?
Is it only one print that failed or multiple?
Have you tried printing the butterflies test print?
Do you have any pictures you can upload?
Have you submitted a ticket yet?

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Yes … I already did all this … she stopped printing suddenly … they are telling me that it may be the laser … but she despite being a form 1 was very little used … unfortunately not I have a photo but I can tell you that it forms a thick layer of resin in the bottom of the tank and continues to work as if it were printing

I only have a Form 2 myself and never tinkered with the laser. I’ll let the tinkerers voice their opinions about the laser on the Form 1.

From browsing the forums for a year now I can tell you it does sound like it could be an under powered laser. There was a thread fairly recently reflecting your issues. As far as what would cause this or how to replace it, I’ll let the experts chime in.

Ok friend… thanks for everything… and if you know something new, talk to me.

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Some notes:
You have a Form 1.
You have cleaned the mirrors. Just the large one or did FL give you the procedure for cleaning all 4?
You tried printing with a new vat.

Things we will need to know to help:
Which resin are you using.
What Z resolution are you printing at?
Which resin profile are you printing with?
What troubleshooting steps have you taken with Formlabs?
Did FL have you test print the butterflies? What was the outcome?

Even though you are getting a blob at the bottom of the vat, pics help show us what might be going on beyond a failing laser. Are the edges of the rates well defined? Do you get any kind of supports to generate? Are you using Preform generated supports and rafts?

Have you done a laser spot test? If so, please post up a pic.

I can tell you that IF it is your laser, it will need to take a trip to Formlabs for repair. So far, that I am aware of, no one has built a replacement laser nor been able to calibrate the laser to perform properly. Maybe one day that will change but not today that I am aware of.

Hei, David… good morning…
thanks for your help…
I’m using white resin
resolution 0.05
I’m cleaned mirror, not 4. I don´t know how…
I don’t know what is the meaning of laser spot an how to do this.
could you explain to me?
Best regards

Hi @aleleonato,

First off I would say your best option is to contact Formlabs support. They are best suited to help you with your issues. They can send you specific and detailed instructions of how to do a spot test and clean all mirrors. They can even have a support representative contact you in your native language so communication is easier.

To open a ticket please click the following link:

That being said, there are several resources online (this forum, youtube, etc ). I won’t link to any here as I am not a F1 owner and do not know the best procedures. I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. Perhaps @DavidRosenfeld can elaborate on the procedures, however just to reiterate, contacting Formlabs support is going to be your best option.

@aleleonato, to start with, please open a support ticket if you haven’t already opened one. I gather you have as it seems that FL support has already stated that you potentially have a bad laser.

Can you elaborate on who is: “they are telling me that it may be the laser”. Can you confirm this is FL tech support and what procedures did they have you follow to determine this. It will help us help you while tech support is working with you.

If support thought it would help cleaning the small mirror and possibly the galvo mirrors, they would have sent over the procedure. It isn’t difficult but one has to be very careful not to damage the galvo’s in the process.

The laser spot test is a diagnostic tool available if you run Preform in -diagnostic mode. It will turn on the laser without it moving so you can see the shape of the laser spot and any flare that is present. If you are using windows, I can write out the procedure (or you can search the forum as I know it is here somewhere), but if you are using OS X, someone else will have to chime in as I do not know how to run it on a mac.

Knowing the Form 1 and the Form 1+ very well, it might be in your best interests to send the unit in for repair and/or see what your upgrade options are.

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