X direction stretching a little more with every layer

Hi everyone, new at the forum here.

We have 5 different form 2’s at our Makerspace and one of them has been giving us grief for a while.
The machine will routinely produce models stretched 200% of original specifications in the x direction. x being left or right if you are facing the machine.

For instance, a 20x20x20 cube will end up 40x20x20. At first, we attributed this to poor calibration of the galvos and offset, but we have done a thorough calibration of the system, factory reset and updated firmware and none of it helped.

Here is a thing we noticed tough when calibrating. Instead of tank with resin we used paper to see trough and observe the laser pattern.

The model would start with the correct specs for the first few layers, but then gradually warp more and more in the x direction. This doesn’t look like a galvo issue anymore, but rather a software issue of some kind. We have tested with multiple versions of software, multiple models and slicers, multiple users, all experience the same issue.

Does anyone here have any idea of what could be causing the issue?

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