Stretched out prints

OK my last four builds have failed, the axis on the model being built are all stretched and distorted. anyone else got this problem?

The attached image is meant to be round, you can see my problem. I’ve put a support ticket through but because I’m in UK it takes a while to resolve anything. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem?

yup - that’s your X-axis galvonometer. Are these your first prints - or has this suddenly started happening? If it’s the latter, then I would print a few calibration parts to see if you stretching is stable, or if it’s changing between prints - eg the attached part…

Do you have an idea what percentage the parts are expanded by? if it’s less than 4% you can adjust for it under the new help>fine tuning panel.

If it’s more than 4% then I’m afraid it looks like a return job for you. Alternatively, if you’re happy to void your warranty, and the distortion seems stable in that the amount of stretching is not changing between prints - you can follow my instructions on adjusting a galvo here:



Actually - re-reading your OP I see you didn’t actually name the axis on which the stretching is occurring. The form1 has two galvanometers (little high speed rotating mirrors) controlling the position of the laser spot, so it could be either of them depending on the orientation of your build platform in the picture. The x-axis galvo controls laser movement side to side and the y-axis front to back.

Its the Y axis, its only just started happening, I’ve just updated the form software and saw the fine tuning section. This is where user calibration would come in really handy, I don’t particularity wont to void the warranty and really hope it could be fixed without sending it back because it took so long to get here and sending it back to USA would cost so much in charges.

Since it’s just started happening - it may not be stable. I doubt you’ll have any option but  to return it.

Despite all my criticism of Formlabs for trying to sell the Form1 as a “black box” - their returns process has been pretty good so far. I’m in the UK too, and my turn-around from pick-up to replacement arrival was two weeks. FL paid nearly all courier fees, cost for me was only £41 - some kind of handling charge, no customs charges because it was a replacement.

Galvos seem to be failing **a lot **though, and given the presumably large increase in the numbers of Form1s in the wild from the original kickstarter 1000 - I wonder if their returns process is still as efficient. It would be helpful if you reported your experience back in this thread …

Yeah I shall keep people posted, just doing the test print that they asked for so they can see what they think is wrong, I just cant understand why it suddenly just went wrong one build was fine then the next distorted.

This machine would be so much more useful if there was more user control in calibration. I currently have a Envisiontec machine also, the price points are massive the Envisiontec machine being 60,000 new, but the amount of control you have over every aspect is awesome and if formlabs could manage this it would blow them out the water…

I suspect it’s probably a function of using commoditised components. It seems almost certain that the galvos in the Form1 are the chinese PhenixTech PT-20Ks, which are normally used for laser light shows, and are only about £100 or less for an x-y set including lots of accessories not needed in Form1.

My y-axis has also suddenly expanded - by over 10%, I adjusted it manually as per my thread noted above, but it’s not stable and keeps expanding between prints, and I’ve publicly voided my warranty in these forums several times over. So I ordered a set of the PT-20Ks last week - which Fed-ex says will be arriving Monday. Assuming my y-axis galvo doesn’t stabilise in the meantime, I’ll be posting a new thread on swapping in a replacement galvo.

Thanks again for doing and documenting all this research Kevin!


I’m sorry you have had these issue, it looks like our Customer Support Team is on it however.  I’m glad we are able to take care of this for you, despite the distance!

The printer will be picked up today for a replacement. Hopefully it will be quick!

Received my replacement printer this morning, just running some test prints now in grey. Only had to pay £11 duty.

Ouch, I’m having similar issues, and would hate to be without my printer for over a month

Me too, exactly the same issues. The F1 has been working OK since I got it end of December. All the sudden from one print to the next the print was heavily distorted. It also seems tu under cure the resin because parts are much softer and some areas of the prints are missing. Opened a ticket and printed the test file but haven´t got any feedback since sending the pictures of the test print back to FL. The ticket was opened 22 April so it has taken a while. I´m in Sweden so returning the printer will probably take some weeks which sums up to at the best a month without the F1.

Well, International Form 1’ers - here’s a “heads up” on a change in FormLabs policy for International purchasers.

My 2nd replacement Form 1 failed a week ago.  For the third time, a failing laser.  After a much slower than usual response from FormLabs support, I received the following early this morning -

Formlabs is working on expanding our support network, but currently we are only able to offer free shipping on warranties fulfilled domestically within the United States. Therefore, due to the increased cost of providing support internationally, our shipping affiliate will be invoicing you for the shipping costs associated with your exchange, but your repair will be covered in full by Formlabs.

If I knew how to replace the laser unit myself, and with a better unit, I would.

The test print they sent over failed. I measured a print I normally do and the x axis was 6cm when it should have been 4.438cm. If my math is correct, that’s a 26% increase, and there’s no way to set more than 4% compensation for x or y under the finetuning menu.

Yes reading the earlier comments took me for 6! I just paid $300 to get my machine shipped to a UK location, who knows where - and the shipping of a refurbished machine from the US.

There was a chap who replaced the galvo and laser here on the forum, it didn’t appear to difficult, and cost less than my return fees.

A European distributor would be really good, things would go alot quicker with deliveries and repairs i think.