Laser losing calibration, unusable


Has anyone run into the laser losing calibration on their Form1+? I don’t mean anything like a +/-5% skew, I am running into a significant issue where the laser for a small print is running off of the build platform, resulting in cured resin that resembles nothing more than a mess.

Some photos are available here:,EAkT2aj

A video showing the laser moving way too much on a piece of paper (And therefore would be curing resin off of the build platform). Also the shape the laser is making looks almost nothing like the model I’m printing, which is the default Butterfly Clip:

The resin is getting semi-cured, but I imagine that it is because the laser is moving quicker than it should, so it is not giving each ‘pixel’ enough time to cure fully before it moves on.

Has anyone run into this issue? I’ve checked the mirrors, resin tank, build platform, how level my table is, and everything else I’ve been suggested. Unfortunately it looks like Formlabs support is pretty swamped as they have not responded much to my ticket so if anyone in the forums has advice I’d appreciate it.

Also if there are any more questions please let me know and I can try to get photos of the issues when I’m off work.


You’re probably looking at an issue with the galvonometers themselves, which are causing them to slew incorrectly. I apologize that you haven’t heard back from the support team yet — I’m sure that they’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Best is to stop using clear resin and see if white or gray works at 100 microns with your current setup. If not, then clean the tanks/platform/mirror and retry. Once you get good results with those colors then try clear again.

I’m confused how trying a different resin would change the result of this.
The laser is physically going off the edge of the build platform, something that definitely shouldn’t be happening regardless of what resin is being used.

Obviously some resins might respond better to different ‘cure times’ being resulted from this effect, but the underlying problem, the laser moving way too far for what it is trying to print, would still persist…