Wildly out of calibration after switching to castable?

I have recently started tinkering with metal casting with lost PLA to great success i figured i’d give some resin attempts with regular formlabs “grey” resin, i learned pretty quickly that it just doesnt burnout well so i caved and bought some castable resin and a new tank just for the project and after firmware/software updates suddenly my X axis prints wildly out of calibration, past what fine-tuning will adjust for.

ive noticed the layer profile is pretty different from the normal rhythm the machine has so maybe that profile is incorrect for my old form2?

y axis is perfect and the only difference between great prints and these distorted new ones is the updates and resin change. is there some magic incantation ?

Hi @phar,

Thanks for getting in touch! I would recommend getting in touch with Support and sharing the .form files that are giving you trouble along with corresponding photos and measurements. Software and firmware updates shouldn’t affect dimensional accuracy, but you are always able to roll back to test if you’d like. With that said, good baseline steps would be to Clean the Glass Optical Window and Clean the Form 2 Galvo Mirrors.