Y-axis very limited range of motion

it seems that something happened to the Y-axis mirror motor and the range of motion is very limited and compressed to the inner part of the printer. I printed something along the x-axis and it’s very clear that something happened to the y-axis motion. Did anyone face a problem like this before? do I need to change the y-axis stepper motor?

also it seems that the laser can’t come to the front area anymore, even though I placed my print at the front side of the build plate

This is the printing setup in preform

This is what came out, it’s displaced towards the back and compressed

and there’s blobbing

@sherifeid - that’s definitely a galvo issue, note the formlabs convention on x/y axes is the opposite of the norm, the galvo causing the issue in your case is labelled the x-axis if you open up your machine.

Is your printer a Form1+ or an original Form1?

If it’s the plus, then you’ll have to talk to Formlabs about fixing it.

If it’s an original Form1, then obviously it’s out of warranty, and Formlabs will charge you to fix it, however, if you are not afraid of opening up your printer and replacing components you can fix it yourself - see here: Swapping out a bad galvo; the PhenixTech PT-20K is a drop in replacement, +video of tuning

I must stress though - the procedure above is only valid for the original Form1 and not the plus. Also you must be a confident DIY’er - for example building your own PC from components should not concern you. It would also help if you knew what a “trim pot” was.

If you’re not confident opening up your machine, or it’s a Form1+ you need to open a ticket with Formlabs, and you can pay them fix it.

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