I think my laser is not moving in the X dimension

I just dusted off my printer after a seven-month hiatus (my daughter was born, and I’ve had less time…) and to my horror, it appears the printer isn’t moving in the x dimension. as a result, my print is just one long line the length of the print bed.

Anyone have any ideas? I submitted a help ticket…

Unfortunately you are going to need support to sort that out. Unless the galvo is just stuck and needs a kiss to get it to start moving properly (and it doesn’t mess with the calibration of it) your printer is going to need to take a trip for repair and have the galvo replaced, printer re-calibrated, etc.

Hi Matthew,
I am in the same situation, after some time without using my Form1+ one of the two small mirrors is not moving.
I have switched the cables of the two galvanometers and the same motor was not moving, consequently I concluded that the information is reaching correctly the two mirrors but one of the galvanometers is broken.
I opened a support ticket and formlabs quoted the repair in 750USD + shipping from Europe, unfortunately my form1+ is out of guarranty and I would need to pay for the repair.
The replacement of this part (BY|BC|00|150100024) does not seem a big issue, maybe the alignment might be a little tricky but I think it’s feasible. I have asked formlabs to purchase this part from them, hopefully they will consent.


Your only option is to send the printer to Formlabs. Sorry but this has been talked about many times. IF you could source the galvo, your printer needs to be calibrated. You can not calibrate the printer. On the Form 1, it was possible (though not recommended) to get the calibration pretty close to perfect. The Form 1+ the calibration is embedded in the printer firmware. You can not access it.

It is frustrating but a fact of owning a Form 1+ or Form 2.

Hi David, thanks for your help.
This is frustrating though, 750USD for a broken galvo… I think that my Form1+ is about to downgrade to a nice psycodelic fishtank.

I wouldn’t trash the printer. It is a fine line of cost to value. You could purchase a new one with a year warranty for almost double the repair price. From time to time I have seen refurbished printers for sale from Formlabs. You could always sell the printer in its current state. I don’t know how much you will get but something is better then nothing if you turn it into a fish tank. Though a Form 1 fish tank might look really cool.

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