Weird scaling issue

I printed the Nautilus Gears from Thingiverse, but something strange happened. I had arranged all of these on the platform like this:
Each of them were uniformly scaled to 60% of the original size. Upon printing, one of the clips came out to be accurate, while the other 3 items were completely stretched out. The clip was supposed to be 42mm in length, and the nautilus gears were supposed to be 43mm in length. As you can see that was clearly not what had happened.

Does anyone have any idea why only one of the pieces would have printed correctly?

Thats what mine did after I did the firmware update and I had to send it back for replacement.

After further testing it appears that the Y axis is fine, and falls within a 1% margin of error, but the X axis is as much as 65% off.

I printed a 57mm test object, and it came out as 89mm. Something is very wrong and I don’t know what exactly caused it. It was fine after the firmware update, but my computer did crash during a print (while it was uploading slices to the printer, so I had to cancel it) and it’s been having this issue ever since.

Bummer! Something definitely is messed up. Did you open a support ticket?

Yeah I opened one earlier today. I tried resetting my computer, preform, and unplugged the printers power supply for a half hour hoping there would be a change, but the problem persists.

Were there any steps the formlabs team had you try before sending your printer back?

We generally run people through a test print, but the support team may omit that in your case, as a single-axis scaling issue is probably a malfunction in one of the galvonometers that drive the laser internally.