Continued problems printing, do I have a calibration problem?

In short my printer has never really provided the results I see other users posting.  Hell I could never get the butterfly clip demo to print in anything but .1mm.  The printing issues seem to have grown worse with the last firmware update though honestly it’s hard to tell since the print was disappointing before.  Is there a calibration process I can try or any self adjustment capability for the enduser?

.025mm resolution has never worked and now I it seems I am having issues printing most things at .05mm.  The attached image is the first print with a brand new resin tank and fresh resin.  The resin tank had to be replaced due to fogging after only 5 prints.  This butterfly calibration print was printed at a resolution of .05mm.  I’m not sure how much detail will come through from the photos but none of the prints are satisfactory.  I have since attempted a second print with similar results.  In each case the prints closest to the pealing edge end up sticking to the bottom of the tank.  All of the rest fail to peal at some levels leave all items deformed.


How is the quality of the ones that stuck?  They always look a little “blobby” when they haven’t been cleaned up.  It would be really helpful to them and us in the community to see what the objects that did print looked like once they have been cleaned.

I received my printer last week and finally had time to try printing with it, and I am having failed prints as well. I have just tried printing twice but both tries were failures. Worse, the second print deposited some resin at the bottom of the tank. I will need to look for a silicone spatula to remove the resin later.

Also, there seems to be a problem with PreForm (Mac version sending prints to FormOne. I had mine stopping at 2554 out of 2568 (somewhere around those numbers), but I figured that could not have been the source of the failed prints, since most of the layers have already been sent and the layer the print failed at was probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way of the whole print.

Hm, that definitely does not look good! I’m sorry to hear that your printer has been having issues. If you haven’t already, you should certainly open up a support ticket with our team, at They’ll walk you through a series of diagnostic tests and get you up and printing well as quickly as possible.