Prints are soft, gooey blobs

Up until recently my prints have been fine. Now nothing will print. I put in a new tank, opened a new bottle of Gray resin, and thoroughly cleaned the plate. The photo is the result of trying to print the Butterfly Clip model.

The only change has been installing the latest software and firmware. Any suggestions?


Is it just me or is this the… fourth (?) report of prints suddenly becoming a mess after a PreForm+firmware update in the past few weeks?

This seems to be going from coincidence to pattern pretty fast.

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Ummm… Wow

Wow, that does not look good at all! I hope we can help you find a simple solution.

A real quick basic question: You said it was a new bottle of resin. Grey V1 or V2? Did your print setting match the resin used?

Another basic question (since the print seems very transparent, even accounting for the thinness) - did you shake the resin bottle well before pouring?

Yup shook the bottle and used Gray V1 and selected that in the software. I noticed it did not look gray as well. Very strange.

My bet is the resin has been sitting a long time. You’ll need to hold the bottle upside down and really violently shake it (in a vertical circle, like a Marimba) for 10 minutes to get all the pigment off the bottom and reintegrated into the resin. If it still fails, get new resin. The Gray v2 is very good.

Noticing your base seems to be off the platform too…


Don’t forget to sing The Girl From Ipanema while you’re doing that.

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Ok thanks, ill give it a shot!

Ha Ha Ha!!

The printing on the side is weird. the model is small and dead center.

Nope, still a mess! I shook the hell out of it. The resin does seem a little watery. We just got this over the summer, and we bought a lot of resin. I will be very disappointed if all that bottled resin went bad just sitting there at room temperature.

I guess I can see if there is a way to roll back to the old firmware to see if that helps.

bwaahaa! thanks a lot man… now that song is going to be stuck in my head every time I shake a resin bottle…

da dadaa daa da da dada daa…


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