Rough gloppy prints

I have been having an issue with prints coming out very grainy or gloppy. I have cleaned the optics windows, filtered the resin and even replaced the tray. I am at a loss. This is happening with mostly Black and Grey. This is consistently getting worse… Any ideas?

I had a problem with small thin parts melting in the alcohol wash. not sure if this has been washed, but if so shorten the time in the wash.

I had exactly the same problems with black but also white resin two weeks ago! This was after a 4 week holiday so I concluded it had something to do with the Resin sitting on the shelf for some time but now I see this I start to think it has something to do with updated software of the printer or PreForm? I know I updated the printer software right after the holiday.

Hello @jbrown!

I’m sorry to see you’re having some surface finish issues on your recent prints! That’s definitely not the behavior we would expect to see out of these materials.

In order to give you the most efficient help possible, I would highly recommend submitting a ticket to our support team at the link below. We’ll investigate your specific issues and proceed with troubleshooting as best we can!

@BIKBart I have this happen with the grey as well. And my machine very rarely has any time down. I did get in touch with tech support and they are suggesting that I clean the mirrors for the laser. I’m waiting on my cleaning kit to come in from FL. Hopefully it will fix me right up.
@DKirch I got in touch with Julia yesterday. I think we are on the right track. Thanks!

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