Calibration problem

Hello fellow Former !

I’m coming into this forum because I really need your help !

I have some problems since the last update 1.2.1 (I’m pretty sur that the problem come from there).

I have a serious problem with the X axe, I’m getting a 2-3mm error on a 10mm perfect cube. I tried the fine tuning but -4% seems not to be enough.

The other axes are just perfect ;).

I have already contacted the support that told me to try the fine tuning then ask me to print their .FORM with 5 buterfly (one on each corner, the last one in the center). They came out looking good (I don’t know for the dimensions) but the buterfly were about 3mm out the build plateforme on the left and on the right). Then the support told me that there was a problem with one of the galvanometre and ask me to send back my printer.

The problem is that Im a 22 year old student that spent all his money on this project and I don’t have the money to return the printer at all.

So I’m asking myself if there is no other issue to fix the problem? (I also try it by contacting the support but they are way to slow and I’m feeling like I’m playing “ping-pong” with a small and confused part of information every day…)
So here we are : I’m now asking help to the community that seems to be a better support!

Here are some pictures before begining to fail and after (The pieces that I show and fail had to be symmetric).

(PS : I’m from Belgium and got my printer early february).

Thanks in advance ! I’m about to cry  because of this project… I hope that’s gonna work well for me one day!

I unfortunately I believe you only have 2 options.

  1. Return the printer to FL as they suggest.  I assume you only have to pay some part of the shipping costs due to you being an international customer.

  2. Look up Kevin Holmes’s thread on how to calibrate your galvo.  Note: THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.  It has been discussed and documented.  I am guessing that a part is actually bad and needs to be replaced so doing this would only be a band-aid.  You will then have a printer that has a voided warranty and still be broken.  This option will most likely cost you more in the end.  Especially if you have an issue with a part you can not source with the warranty voided.

Maybe you can work something out with FL or a friend / family member to help out with the costs associated with returning the printer.

Support is excellent but  I do feel your pain and understand the ping-pong feeling.  Hopefully that will be rectified soon but nevertheless you do have an answer and they are going to replace the printer.

Good luck.


Thanks for your answer, it seems that I have no choice.

I’m really very afraid about those costs, I’m already broke and I don’t wanna go deeper (I already wait 9months to got this printer and my all friends and family just think that I have made a big mistake, I don’t even dare to announce them that it’s finaly not working and that I have to pay more to try again…).

Does anybody have return his printer and knows the cost of it?

Edouard - I’m not sure where in the world you are and what the costs are to ship - but I’m in the UK, and it cost nothing to return my first printer, and only £40 in fees when the replacement arrived.

Formlabs returns have been pretty good so far - once I booked the collection with their shipping agent, they came next working day, and it was 2 weeks after that that my replacement printer arrived.

That said - tuning the galvos is actually very straightforward:

However - I would recommend using the Formlabs replacement service.

Also for future reference - note there is the Unofficial Formlabs wiki, it’s been a bit quiet recently, but it already has a fair amount of stuff and I’ll be adding the above two topics, and other stuff soon.

doh, forgot the wiki link …