Print fails - hanging off the platform

Hi there,
I’m at my 4th print, and in 3 of them happend something like shown in attached picture.
Some objects fails to hang on the platform.
Why it happend?
My resin tank were perfectly clean, machine is new and i used supports with standard settings.

Anyone can help me?

(sorry for my english i’m trying to improve it :slight_smile: )

I would guess that there is a bit too much gap under the build platform during layer #1, so it does not stick good. The first thing I would do is empty that resin tray completely and start a print. As soon as layer #1 begins, take note of the distance from the tank to the platform. My guess is that it is more than 0.1mm. I think there is a setting in pre-form to adjust if necessary.

I was thinking about it too, and I’ll check soon.

When it begins the first layer, resin tank’s moving motor makes a strange noise like losing steps… maybe platform’s distance is too close to the resin tank and then result packed to it causing a misalignment?

Hi Fabiano!

Have you opened a support ticket? Email and we would be happy to help!


hmm. I would search your resin tank for chunks if you are hearing a funny noise. If you find a chunk that explains everything. If not then I would open a support ticket.

The sounds may well be normal – check out this article in which we posted (and described) some of the sounds a normal Form 1/1+ makes:

@Sam_Jacoby - broken link:

Thanks for pointing that out Christopher!

Link fixed.