Preform not recognizing my printer and phantom printer detected

Started having a problem last night at apx 11pm EST 07 15 2016

Issues as follows.

It says it is connected to the Wifi, but is not showing up in Preform as my printer. Instead it shows up as “unknown” and asks to be connected Via USB
my printer still shows up on my Dashboard page but that does not allow me to print…

Printer will detect via USB connection although it seems to randomly remove itself from Preform.
but even when connected Via USB Preform is still detecting a phantom WIFI printer that cannot be deleted (preform asks me to connect it via USB), and when I unplug the USB I again cannot detect my printer.

The Phantom remains in Preform even when I “disable” wifi on the Form 2.
I cannot tell preform to “forget” the phantom printer either.

I performed a Factory reset as per instructions on website, no change.
I reinstalled Preform and the phantom briefly disappeared but then returned a few minutes later

Wi fi claims to be connected but, when I type the IP address from the printer info panel into
Preform I just generate another “unknown” printer. Same for typing in my
printer’s name “FreshGuinea” These “unknown” printers can be deleted/forgotten though.

I have created a Support ticket for this already. I will update this thread with any new info as well as the ticket as relevant.

Have you tried rebooting your PC?

Have you tried power cycling your Router?

Turn off Printer. Turn off PC. Turn off Router. Turn on Router. Turn on PC. Turn on Printer. :slight_smile:

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I have rebooted my PC, no change.

Router cycling seems to have indeed fixed my issue.

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