Form 2 not visible to Preform, even though it says it's connected to Ethernet and Wifi

I’ve had this come up before, but usually all I need to do to fix it is reboot both the printer and the computer. Today, no luck. The printer says that it’s connected to both the Wifi and the ethernet, but preform can’t see it (even on an alternate computer on the network). Preform can, however, see the Form 3 parked next to the Form 2, which is plugged into the same ethernet switch. I switched the cable between the printer and the switch, no change to the situation.

I’ve had both printers going before, it’s only today that things have been weird.

It’s pretty frustrating. I guess I won’t be starting any prints to run overnight.

Check the IP address the Form2 thinks it’s connected to, on the printer’s control panel. Then go to your router’s interface and see if that IP address is connected to the router. Make sure there’s nothing else at that IP address. Open a command prompt and type “PING” followed by the IP address and see if you get a response. Reboot the router. Trying taking the Form3 offline and then rebooting the Form2.

I can ping the printer, no problem.

Also, sometimes after I reboot the printer, Preform will see it, but only for a few moments. Then it vanishes again. Trying to manually add it via the IP address doesn’t work.

Up to date on Preform?

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I feel stupid, but yes, that was the solution. I was trying every other option first because at my work I have to track down someone of much higher position than me to install anything on my computer, including updates (our client is extremely paranoid about security).

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