Form 3 / Pre-Form(3.07) connection issues

I’ve been printing with Form 2 for a long time, but only about a week with the Form 3.

Issue 1

After some period of time the Form 3 goes to disconnected status in Pre-Form and I have to re-add it via IP address to wake / re-connect it and print.

Issue 2

When trying to switch from a Form 3 to a Form 2 to print another job, a previously added Form 2 has disappeared. When I try to re-add it with the IP address, it appears, but doesn’t show/stick to the printer list so I can’t select it for the new job. As a work around, I cancel Pre-Form and add the printer that I need first, it stays, and launch the print. The same problem occurs when going in reverse from the Form 2 to the Form 3.

Note: I have all three boxes checked in the printer filter list.

Hey there @poday!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your Form 3!

The most efficient way to get these problems taken care of would be to contact our support team, and they’d be more than happy to investigate with you so we can get you back up to 100% as efficiently as possible.

I logged a ticket a few days ago. They suggested updating to the latest releases of the Firmware and Preform (3.1) which came out last week. I did that and the issue got a little better. Now I can see both printers when I start Preform. The printers are also both staying connected. This is an improvement. However I can’t switch from one printer to the other without restarting Preform. Support is looking into it further.

Ok, I think everything is fixed. Nova from Support pointed me in the right direction. You can change printer types by clicking on the printer icon in the upper right corner. This launches the “Job Setup” window which can see all printer types.

If you click File | Printers, it only shows printers that are the same as the current printer. Even if you have all three types checked in the Filter list.