Form3 printer doesn't appear in PreForm

I just got my Form3 printer (yay!). I connected it to our wifi network, and added it to my dashboard. PreForm can’t locate it, even on the same wireless network, and even given the IP address. Since I could add it to my dashboard the wifi is clearly working ok. What are the possibilities here? I can’t seem to find a related subject in the Forums.

I had the same problem and gave up and shut it down, then next time I went into preform, basically so I could document the problem and create a support ticket, I prepared a print and the printer was there.

Didn’t work. Restarted PreForm twice. Reinstalled PreForm. Restarted the computer. Confirmed I’m on the same wireless network. Confirmed that Dashboard can still see the printer. Nothing.

As a workaround I tried connecting to the printer with USB. I see no option in PreForm for printing via USB! The printer appears nowhere. This is getting VERY frustrating!

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