Platform not returning home

Form 1+, I printed a job and it seemed to stop before it was finished and then the platform did not return home. Repowering on the printer, the platform remained where it was and the tray did it’s peel thing but when the tray was angled down it started making this loud noise like an alarm. The sound continued for about 30 seconds then stopped and the the tray finished it’s peel. I manually moved the platform up and removed the print. With the platform home, the alarm sound did not happen during the peel. I hoped for a one time problem and started a new print. It seemed to be working fine but when it was finished the platform did not return home and the alarm would sound during the tray peel.

I would open a support ticket. It seems that you are having an issue with your Z axis motor. That sound (if I am guessing correctly) is your Z axis motor stalling.

That makes sense. Thanks!

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