Accidentally moved my Z-axis by hand

While cleaning up my last print, I pushed a little too hard on the build platform and felt the z axis move a little bit.

At this point I am worried about starting another print. I’m thinking that it could either work fine just like always, or crash the build platform into the resin tank, break something, and ruin the entire machine.

Can anyone here confirm one way or the other?


You should be fine. Every time the machine “boots” up, I believe that all the Axis home. Since 99.9% of the time (except when you get the machine for the first time) the Z is at the home position. This is why, the vat tries to move up when you first turn the machine on.

If you are still nervous, just remove the build platform and the vat. Power down the printer, wait a minute, turn it back on.

Re-install the vat and build tray if you did, print away.


David’s exactly right that the build platform will return to its home position (and also trigger the peel motor to reset) next time the printer is powered on.

Thanks! I restarted the printer and it’s working fine now. You guys are great!

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