Z-axis stopped working; servo dead?

I’ve been printing a fair number of items recently. This morning I started a multi-hour print, walked away, and came back to an error message asking to “remove the obstruction” from the print area. In this case the obstruction was the build platform itself, which was not moving up and out of the way of the wiper.

I aborted the print and when the printer re-initialized, the build platform did not return home but stayed in the tray. I did a power-off reset, same thing.

Any ideas? Or is my printer dead? Huge bummer if so; I’m just getting to a critical point in my project. Bad time for my Form 2 to die!

Yikes, there are a few things that could cause this and hopefully the Z motor hasn’t failed on you. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to get in touch with support and including PreForm and Firmware versions in the ticket helps to expedite things a bit.

Thanks for the reply. I did file a support ticket. Very much hoping it’s nothing serious!

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