Z-axis mo longer working during prints

I have already opened a ticket, but I wonder who else had the same problem.
My form1+ has been working quite a bit in the last ten days as part of a project and i needed it to go on like this for another week. But today it just decided to go on vacation …
All of a sudden the z-axid stopped working during a print. I cleaned everything, changed tank (since the previous one was ruined), changed resin. Started a new print. The platform goes down, but it never steps up. when I cancel the job, the platform goes normally up.
I tried changing resin, changing tank, changing platform. Nothing.
So far formlabs support only suggested to check if there was something blocking the rod and to lube it. The rod is and was clean and lubed. Still no changes.

Anybody experienced this before?

Since the platform moves up on cancel, but not during print, something is going on with the hardware/software. Unless I am missing something, I do not see how it could be the resin/tank/platform etc.

My first thought is to completely restart the printer. Second thought is upgrade/reload the firmware.

I tried to restart, but not reload the firmware. I will try that.

Reloading the firmware does nothing.

So, I left the printer disconnected, changed again the firmware and reinstalled preform and now it seems work normally.Pity that I lost two tanks in the process, bottom layer fully ruined and on was new :frowning:

Pity indeed. Glad to hear its working again though.

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