Build Platform not moving at Z-axis

Hi all, I’ve just received my Form1 and have been looking forward to receiving it for the longest time ever. It finally came last week. After getting all the necessary kit, I was all set to go. The first print didn’t work and the solidified print stuck to the resin tank! After some searches on the internet, it became apparent that I didn’t remove the plastic film on the underside of the resin tank and that was a problem solved. Tried out a second print. All went well until after a certain amount of time, the build platform stopped moving. The platform itself was only about 15mm from the surface of the liquid when it stopped moving although the laser was still scanning. I could hear a ticking sound which I assumed meant for the gears to kick in to move the Z-axis up. I stared at the build platform for the longest time ever and realised that the platform was not going to move.

I did a search again but nothing came up. There was a similar post on the forum but it was unanswered. Hope someone can help? I’ve switched the unit off and restarted my PC, as well as upgraded to the latest firmware, all nothing. The resin tank and the build platform are all secure and clean.

Just wondering where I’ve gone wrong. Please help!


I am wondering too… i bought new tanks and went to new version of software and the white resin and got disasters (clumps in the tank… badly formed prints fallin apart…

So I tried to go back to old version of perform, clear fluid, new tank and now i kinda saw what you saw where the platform was just staying above the level… but it might of thought it had supports already but they all didnt stick…  I am getting a good base made so I cant think that my platform is bad or that wouldnt work I guess

HI - For those reading this thread, just to let you know that I’ve resolve this but logging a ticket with the technical support team at Formlabs. They were very patient and helpful. Essentially you will need to get superglue or Threadlocker (they recommend using Loctite). They say that the printer’s peel motor screw has detached from the clevis. You can reattach the peel motor screw into the clevis by hand. This is accomplished by removing both the build platform and resin tank, applying Super Glue or Loctite Threadlocker Permanent Strength on the screw head, and re-screwing it into the clevis (your Form 1 will have to be disconnected from all power sources for this procedure). While this is resolved, I have now found some hazing on the silicon surface of the resin tank which doesn’t bode well. I’ll start a separate thread.



Instructions to repair detached / dislodged Clevis … the document that I’ve attached comes from Form1 technical support team. Hope this helps.