Form2 Z-Axis stop moving

Have the F2 for about 5 months, successfully printed many prints. We were very happy with the printer and overall exceptional quality of the coming prints. Just today the build platform Z axis stopped moving at all. We can rotate the screw easily by hand, so that is not blocked. Printer doesn’t show any error though… Very pity it had to happen now, since we had few urgent projects to be printed. :cry:
Does anyone had similar experience? Some connection to be checked, or…?

We want you to have as little downtime as possible so I’ve reached out to Claire from our support team and you’ll be receiving an email from her shortly. She’ll be best suited to help troubleshoot and hopefully we can get you back up and running quickly!

I had a similar problem a few months ago. Ultimately I sent my Form2 in for repair and it was turned around very quickly, so I was down for about 2 weeks. I wasn’t given the details on what was repaired on my printer, but it’s been working great since I got it back.

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