Noise during peel

Looking for advise.

Just got my new machine on wednesday and have spent today building some parts.
I am very happy with part results very high quality even at 0.1mm.
Just as good as larger SLA machines i operate.

my question is -

I expect noise as Z motor rise and lower build platform.

I also expect noise as peel motor rise and lower tank but the peel motor seems very loud as tank lowers, almost like motor is having a hard time pulling against the return springs.

I am only building very small parts with small cross sections and the is good peel ok.

Is this louder noise normal?


Are you sure you’re not hearing the combination of the Z stepper and the peel stepper working at the same time? First layers (base) get a slightly different ratio of peel-to-Z lowering and can sound pretty loud compared to further layers.

I hear the noise you say but the noise i am hearing is the peel motor only and during the entire build.
It is louder going down than it is going up.
I will take a video and post it today.
It might be normal but i just want to check.

Thanks again for help.

Video will help. Replied so I will be notified.

silly question!
I have mpeg4 video but it wont upload

The file size limit on the forum is pretty small. You could upload to YouTube or similar and link here.

re_coat video

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