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Z Motor Whine

My 3L has a pretty loud whine when the Z motor raises and lowers the build plate. The sound is longer but similar to a smoke detector needing a fresh battery. I checked with support and they said this is normal/expected. I have a few other machines from Formlabs and other manufactures and the Z motors are relatively quiet. It’s especially challenging when you have folks in the building with Hyperacusis/Misophonia.

Is this what everyone else is experiencing?

Yup, I thought it was an intentional “beep” for an unfathomable reason, and asked FL if it could be silenced. FL told me it’s due to the high speed of the motor. Once they told me that, the sound made sense.
I don’t think there’s anything that can be done, short of putting the machine in a sound isolating booth, or surrounding it with sound deadening material, as in a recording booth.