My Form 3 is noisy!

I’ve seen a couple of other posts. One features a fair amount of whine and one some serious clunking.

Mine is more of a strained whine. Less droid and more Ripley and the powered exoskeleton.

Can anyone confirm whether this is normal or not? It’s a heck of a lot louder than my Form 2 was.

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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to post! To my ears, this is maybe on the loud side of ordinary, but nothing too out of control.

That being said, the last thing we want is for you to not have 100% confidence in your printing, so please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at the link below and they’d be happy to give things a once-over for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Dan. I’m glad to hear that you are not alarmed.

The printer is printing great, just whenever I hear mechanical noise, I can’t help but things something is fighting against something else, and fear eventual wear down/ part failure.

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I chatted with CS today. Apparently this is a known issue but is not a harbinger of doom for the machine. Apparently they are working on a means to quiet it down a bit via software/firmware.

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My Form 3 is much much quieter now, following a recent Firmware update.

Yes, this was a great update. The noise reduction is fantastic. In small home office environment I couldn’t focus on my work when Form 3 was in use. Current low levels are much more respectable but I would really like to go even further and have a whisper like quite machine. Until then I’m keeping it in my sound proofed closet…:slight_smile:

Pardon the late reply. Update totally did the trick!