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Silent mode (Form 2)

I got a Form 2 this week (a “new” refurbished one that no one has used so far) and I like it and it’s simple workflow.
But the printer is very noisy when it moves the z-axis, could there probably a “silent mode” be implemented where it moves slower (at cost of print time obviously) but be more silent? It’s really too noisy in my (home-)office environment and I already got complaints about it :frowning:

Should not be that noisy. Try lubricating the leadscrew.

Hi @glx,

When working properly, the Form 2 should not be very noisy. As @Konstantin_Dani mentioned, if most of the noise is occuring when the printer is moving in the z-axis, the issue is likely with the leadscrew. Be sure to check out our official support documentation for instructions on cleaning this part!

For more guidance on this process, feel free to reach out to our support team. They’ll be more than happy to take a closer look at what might be going on and get you back to printing quietly!

Ah okay, I didn’t really think about that since the printer is basically unused, but I’ll definitely try that :slight_smile: thanks!

Correct it shouldn’t be excessively noisy, but just to clarify for anyone wondering, a Form 2 is definitely noisier than a Form 3.

Hm I cleaned and lubricated the z-leadscrew and attached some dampening feet but it’s still very noisy. At the beginning it’s kind of okay, but as soon as the platform moves faster it’s in my opinion really loud and it can be clearly heard even in another room with the doors closed :frowning:.

Hi @glx,

In that case, the noise might be within the expected range for an operational Form 2. If you’d like to take a video of your printer running and upload it, we’d be happy to take a listen!

I uploaded a video, it’s recorded from a little more than 1 meter.
I guess it’s the regular operational noise level but I still find it very disturbing that’s why I thought if it probably can be reduced by slowing down.

My FDM printer (an Ultimaker S5) is also quite noisy when it moves the z-axis fast but it’s nearly unnoticeable when it’s moving slow (like when probing the bed).

Sounds normal to me, although mine doesn’t play Blake Shelton.

I would likewise welcome a slower, “quiet mode” option, but don’t hold your breath for it.

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I just bolted a box out of some scrap pieces together and sticked some foam on the inside (the top has to be removed every time I want to access the printer), that brings it to an acceptable level, but I’d still be happy if that could be resolved in a more elegant way :blush::sweat_smile:

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Hi @glx,

Based on the video you uploaded, your Form 2 is operating at a normal noise level. I’m glad that you were able to bring the noise to an acceptable level with your enclosure!

Yeah I thought it is normal.
But I’d appreciate a silent mode anyways :blush:

If you’re not squeamish about opening the machine up and installing a small noise isolator between the Z motor and the mount, you can cut the Z axis noise way down. We run a farm of 6 Form 2 (soon to be 7) and they all have this inexpensive noise isolator installed once the warranty expires.

See link for more details:


Oh that’s nice, I’ll try that when I have some time :blush:. How long do you estimate the time needed to only install that thing? Do you know the size of the motor and do you have to recalibrate the z-axis afterwards?

I’ve done a number of them so probably an hour. If it’s your first time, maybe 1.5-2 hrs. Photograph everything in as much detail as you can while you disassemble so that you’ll be able to put it back together correctly. Especially the wiring connectors to the motherboard. The motor uses NEMA-17 vibration dampeners available on ebay or from numerous sellers. These are the brass ones with rubber sandwiched between the metal. Not the cork ones. No recalibration is required.

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I just performed that modification on the z-axis. I watched a video before and was a little afraid at first weather I can also put it back together again or not :smiley:. But I touched as little of the wires as I could and didn’t completely disassemble the printer, it took me about 2.5 hours from beginning to end. Wasn’t that difficult but you shouldn’t be distracted while working on it. The printer booted up, performed it’s self test and didn’t complain, so I guess it worked fine :slight_smile:. I also noticed some small dust particles on the mirror on the bottom that I cleaned up afterwards.
It prints nice and is more quiet :slight_smile:.

Probably I also find it excessively loud because I was thinking like “this works with light, light is silent, it must be really quiet” :sweat_smile: