Successfully reducing Z axis stepper noise using a rubber dampener

Been wanting to do this for years. The Z-axis sound is too loud. For such an expensive printer, Formlabs should have used a higher quality stepper motor driver that doesn’t cause such motor noise when operating. Since that can’t be changed, I opted for the $2.50 solution, a rubber isolator stepper motor mount. Doesn’t cut the noise 100% but cuts it way down to where you can’t hear it outside the room where the printer is located…

Since I was opening my printer to clean up a huge resin spill that got between the Z axis assembly and the optical cavity (among many other places), I had to disassemble the Z assembly anyway. Perfect excuse to go that extra step and install the sound dampener.

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Nice mod! Got any pictures?

Yes, took a photo while in there. It’s a pretty straightforward install once you have the machine completely disassembled.


Yep, mine is way too loud and I’m going to install a stepper dampener. Do you know what size the stepper is? I haven’t had a chance to peek inside yet.

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