Noisy Motors after 1.16.7 firmware update

Hello fellow enthusiasts,

My problem is that after the newest update of the firmware 1.16.7 dated 14th December my motors are now very loud. The sound i am most concerned about is the very irritating sound of the resin tray when it moves from right to left after each layer. On the previous version the sound was perfectly acceptable but now having a print going is very irritating indeed.

I know i could move the printer to another room, but what i want is to roll back the firmware, is this possible?

Is anyone else experiencing increased motor noise with 1.16.7?

I would bet that the increased motor noise is due to the fact that most if not all axii of the machine are now moving/accelerating faster. Stepper motors do become much noisier when you make them run faster, the increase in noise relative to the speed of the motor is bigger than other types of electric motors.

Some people have rolled back the Form 2 firmware, its easily done and totally supported by Formlabs, I’m sure you’ll find some info on the forum in no time, there was quite a bit of talk about this since the new firmware release.

Thanks JohnHue , i agree that the noise is down to the increase in speed as it was totally fine before the increase that 1.16.7 stipulates.

Thats good to know that i can roll back and that it is possible, i thought formlabs didnt support that because they dont seem to offer downloads of previous versions. Can you help by pointing me in the right direction as to how to do a roll back?


It is noisier (at least the pitch of the noise is different), but in my experience, with the kinds of things I print, the speed improvement is considerable. I haven’t had any of the reliability problems with the new f/w that others have had.

I have the printer in the same room as me so i need it to be bearable. The thing is are those tiny little movements of the resin tray really going to add up to produce 25% fast prints as formlabs says. For me i want quiet reliability which the last f/w was, not a printer on the edge of its performance output. The sweet spot for me was 1.15.

Definitely depends on the part and the orientation. But I’ve had parts with print times drop from 8 hours to 6 hours. These were vertically oriented parts with the longest supports next to the wiper side.

Same here, even with small volume parts we’ve seen noticeable improvements, I wouldn’t go back.

Personally I also have the printer in the same room and it’s definitely the most noisy device… but that just means the room isn’t noisy at all otherwise, we’re doing some prototype and small batch hardware assembly and we have a technical desk area for design and that’s it. I guess everyone’s perception is different but in an professional setting I don’t find this unbearable at all.

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